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Sunday, June 21, 2015

#HappyFathersDay - ThankYouDad

A small dedication to a mighty heart, that has shaped me to what I am. My father. 

I have nothing more to describe him. I have tried to say a few of them all in the above images. this is a personal post and i am happy the way I've created them.

Do feel free to share your thoughts. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Waiting, Waiting and just Waiting.

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Its been two years that you made me wait,
Every minute, every second you just made me hate.
My hope came true that i'll wait for you,
I was amazed at self, when you said I Love You.

Were together for just a short-while,

But I went far from you to make our future worthwhile.
Agreed that i made things for you to wait,
But does doesn't mean you need to hate.

Today I am waiting to make things right,
I am willing to make up for our every fight.

Waited in the morning and waited till night,
With the only hope to have you in my sight.

All I want is to talk to you,
Put my hands in your hands and walk with you.
Won't you forgive me for all my deeds,
All I wanted is to fill our needs

I was expecting to receive your call,
But all you are doing is present in a mall.
I am happy that you are fine than being sad sat,
And I am still fine without a call and waiting for a chat.

I was waiting, so am I and would always be... Only for YOU. <3

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Are you ready for the Biggest Social Media Celebration of the Year?

The Countdown goes down to just 29 days for Social Media Week to keep its feet in the City of Dreams, Mumbai, for the first time. The Registrations for the biggest social media event of 2013 is now open and trust me, there are a lot of interesting events for the people to participate. With Nokia being the City Headline sponsors, SMW Mumbai is all set for the show. 
The interesting part of SMW Mumbai is definitely its events that are spread across many categories like Photography, Music, Art, Education, Politics, Advertising, Marketing, lifestyle and much more. This should excite everyone to be a part of SMW Mumbai and to connect and collaborate. I managed to get a snap of the teams’ mailing signature and this is what I found.

Who would not love to participate in SMW Mumbai? It seems the team working behind SMW Mumbai has managed to give life to this event by creating it as a celebration. I am on my way to be a part of such a Big Celebration. Are you?

You can register yourself for the events during SMW Mumbai by following the link.

I would be waiting to meet you all at the Biggest Social Media Celebration of the Year. Hurry up friends! Register for your desired event right now, before the seats are full

Sunday, August 18, 2013